In order to carry out all the projects that our club is involved with throughout the year, each member is asked to join one or more committees. 

Name Chairs Description
Adopt a Highway
Rhodes, Barry
The purpose of this committee is to help keep Wisconsin’s roadsides beautiful. As a club we marinating a section of Clairemont Avenue in the city of Eau Claire. This committee is in charge of setting up the fall and spring dates for clean-up, taking care of volunteer sign-up (to include Circle K and Key Club), following the guidelines of the WisDOT to ensure safety of all participants.
Archive Committee
Mihajlov, Thomas
The purpose of the Archives Committee is to gather and preserve information and artifacts pertaining to the history and development of our Kiwanis Club of Eau Claire, and to generate interest in the preservation of our principles for the future through ongoing projects. This committee will collaborate with the Special Collections and Archives Department at McIntyre Library at UW-EC. They will oversee the maintaining of records for the club (with help from the Club secretary). They will also assist in planning club celebrations, such as the 100th year of service, etc.
Board of Directors
Mattson, Becky
The Board of Directors and Officers meet the second Monday each month during the term. Term duration is 12 months from October 1st to September 30th. Agendas are coordinated by the Executive Board. Meeting Location: 2nd Floor Board Room, L.E. Phillips Career Development Center, 12-1 PM, 1515 Ball Street, Eau Claire (bring your lunch or purchase one from the cafeteria).
Career Development Center Christmas Party
Mizerk, Gregg
Johnson, Dennis L
The purpose of this committee is to support the Career Development Center in providing a Christmas Party for their employees. They will assist in the planning, preparations, and getting volunteers for this party, to include Circle K and Key Club members. Financial support from the Kiwanis Club will also be included, the amount will vary as needed.
Community Services
Knight, Joseph
Mizerk, Gregg
The purpose of this committee is to evaluate and make recommendations on request for financial and volunteer time that would improve or solve problems within the community. Subcommittees currently are as follows: Salvation Army Bell Ringing, Becky Mattson chair Children’s Museum Countdown to Kindergarten, John Lee chair Community Table, Becky Mattson & Gregg Mizerk chair
Endowment Committee
Mattson, Becky
In keeping with the Kiwanis Club’s spirit of service, the mission of the Kiwanis Club of Eau Claire Endowment Fund is to support projects and services that have positive, direct, and lasting impact on the children of the Eau Claire Community. This committee will 8nclude the club president, treasurer, and three 3-term club members.
Family and Social Events Committee
Venrooy, Susan
This committee coordinates Kiwanis Family events as well as coordinating with the Youth Committee to initiate mutual Interclub activities with sponsored youth. It works with Circle K to encourage members to participate in their annual K-Family event. It is also the committee’s goal to arrange 1-2 events with the President-Elect that encourage the development and enhancement of friendships among the members. This committee will also help in planning th8ngs such as the annual Kiwanis Picnic or other such events.
Financial Review Committee
Accola, Larry
Mattson, Jim
This committee performs an annual financial audit of Club accounts and reports to leadership.
Forestry Committee
Nielsen, Bill
Knight, Joseph
Oversee the forest land that our club owns.
Fundraising Committee, Pancake Feed
Johnson, Dennis L
Wall, Sheila
The mission of this committee is to coordinate all aspects of the club’s only fundraising event, involving as many members and other committees as possible. They will work closely with the Clearwater Club to organize the Silent Auction as well. This is event is usually held the 3rd or 4th Saturday of September at Memorial High School. All proceeds go to support community service projects including scholarships, sponsored school service clubs and many other youth-oriented and civic improvement programs. A portion of the proceeds will benefit the Paul Bunyan Logging Camp Museum in Carson Park, which club members created in 1934 and continue to help support through volunteer efforts.
Membership and Growth Committee
Mihajlov, Thomas
Berger, Nicholas
The Membership and Growth Committee monitors all aspects of membership; including invitations, PR, retention and education- bringing in new members, teaching them about Kiwanis (new member orientation) and then ensuring that the member experience meets everyone’s expectations. This committee will also teach the membership effective recruitment techniques, mentor new members, promote Kiwanis International awards that can be earned by recruitment and mentoring efforts, as well as work with the Program Chair to arrange programs that will help members understand goals and activities of the club, district, and Kiwanis International.
Music Committee
Holzman, Earl
Wall, Sheila
The mission of this committee is to provide song leadership for the regular meetings and to arrange the special music as needed or desired at special club functions. They will ensure that sufficient songbooks are placed on the tables at weekly meetings, select songs to be sung suitable for the occasion and fun to sing, consulting with the presiding officer and other members. Make sure there is a piano accompanist and song leader for regular meetings, and as required, coordinate the use of music for special occasions with respective chairperson.
Nominating Committee The Nominating Committee is responsible for considering every Board Membership and the determination of the incoming President-Elect, Secretary, and Treasurer. Suggestions will accepted from the general membership.
Paul Bunyan Camp Museum Committee
Wall, Gordon
Holzman, Earl
This committee keeps us connected with the Paul Bunyan Camp Museum and its needs when it comes to financial support and volunteer services. This also includes involvement in the U.S. Chainsaw Championship when it is held there.
Program Committee This committee works with the President to provide quality speakers touching upon interesting and relevant topics for weekly meetings, they will also work with the Membership and Growth Committee to provide educational opportunities for members.
Public Relations Committee
Breneman, Tom
Sands, Daniel
Administrators of the Club website will make updates for speakers, calendar events, community events, and committees. They will provide a direct contact with Website Services provided by Portalbuzz, and help members understand how to utilize the website especially organizing committee reports. This committee will also provide feedback on the newsletter to the secretary, and will work on updating the Club Facebook and develop a future blog. This committee is responsible for sharing stories about the Kiwanis Club of Eau Claire with the Eau Claire Community, and providing marketing on social media. The committee organizes publicity efforts on behalf of Kiwanis, manages news releases and blog posts, and helps coordinate social media posts on behalf of the club,
Scholarship Committee
Carlson, Joseph
This committee reviews the amount of money awarded annually by the board, and then recommends how money will be allocated. This includes naming memorial scholarships, determining the amounts of specific scholarships, and the criteria for them to be awarded.
Youth Services
Lee, John
Brooke, Christopher
This committee will review and make recommendations to the Board regarding requests for funding or volunteer hours that are received from community agencies that serve youth. They will seek out new opportunities to serve the youth of our community by financially supporting existing projects, providing manpower to facilitate existing projects or developing new projects that fill unmet needs. Finding should provide support for youth that is not otherwise available separately or in conjunction with other services (I.e. school, municipality, county, or institutions or agencies). One example of a program that we will continue is the SOAR Breakfast at Memorial. This committee will include sponsored youth Kiwanis liaisons and Faculty Advisors of K-Kids, Builders Club, Key Club, and Circle K.